Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giveaway Day!!

Hi Everyone! I'm getting warmed up for my giveaway today!!!

To enter, simply go to my Facebook Page, send me a Friend Request, then comment on my giveaway post!

And now, for a little tease from my giveaway book, Punished by the Vampire...

He slid the panties further down and caressed her thighs. When he dropped them at her feet, she kicked them into the audience.

A rush of vampires scurried to fight over them. They reminded him of piranha. Vicious, deadly creatures.

He pointed to the punishment bench. “Kneel.”

The woman complied. They always did in this state, but after the first crack of a whip, they’d snap out of it and scream.

He removed a pair of wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs from the wall. He slid her hands and feet into the cuffs and locked them. They fit her perfectly.

The cuffs featured hooks which he used to latch her to the silver rings on the bench. Face down, she lay against the bench. Her perfect heart shaped ass pointed up toward the ceiling and her legs were spread so wide, he had an excellent view of her pussy.

He addressed the audience. “Punishment brings pain and excitement. Feed on her cries. Drink in the sight of her naked flesh.”

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