Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Release: Punishing the Sitter

Punishing the Sitter

Emily’s been a sitter for years and she knows how to search a house to find a couple’s secrets. She lands the job of a lifetime sitting for a sexy billionaire CEO and his adventurous wife. It doesn’t take her long to find out their intriguing secret. When the couple comes home early, they catch her splayed across the couch watching a very naughty movie and they're forced to punish her for being a nosy little brat.

*Due to the explicit nature of this story, it is recommended for mature audiences only.*

Word Count: 5,400+

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Mrs. Bloomfield turned her wrath on Emily. “You shouldn’t be sneaking around in your employer’s bedroom. Didn’t anyone ever teach you manners?"

Emily smirked. “Me? Are you serious right now? I’m not the one running around making sex tapes with my husband.”

“You little brat.”

Mrs. Bloomfield grabbed a fistful of hair and dragged her to the sofa. She sat down then pulled Emily across her lap. Face down, Emily couldn’t believe the woman’s strength.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson in manners.” Mrs. Bloomfield snapped.

Her perfectly manicured nails scraped Emily’s skin as she yanked her jean shorts down around her thighs. Her exposed ass trembled. She couldn’t possibly mean to—.

The slap of Mrs. Bloomfield’s hand against her ass shocked her more than hurt her. Emily squealed and tried to crawl away but the woman had her pinned.

“What are you—”

The second slap, although less shocking, hurt like hell. The sting of her hard palm against her ass lasted for several seconds.

“You can’t spank me.” Outrage flooded her voice.

“Bad little girls need to be spanked when they are up to no good.” Mrs. Bloomfield snapped.

Her hand came down hard and fast. The sound of flesh hitting flesh reverberated through the room. Emily squirmed and tried to escape. Mrs. Bloomfield pummeled her ass with swift blows. The stinging, burning sensation gave way to something else.

Warmth flooded Emily’s body. The percussive spanking sent jolts of pleasure from her ass to her pussy. She wiggled on Mrs. Bloomfield’s lap, no longer interested in fleeing. She wanted it more, harder, faster. But she couldn’t admit it. She couldn’t let her employer know she was spanking a lusty tramp.

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